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Blogging Basics For The Beginners

A blog is an informational site or a discussion published on World Wide Web. It consists of the discrete entries or posts displayed typically in


How Blogging and Education Are Coming Together

Now that the Internet is truly an integral part of the education system, teachers are using the many web-based formats available to them to enhance


Is blogging a problem or solution to journalism?

Just recently the Tumblr was hacked into and the GNAA ( Gay Nigger Association of America) claimed responsibility  in what they termed as their ongoing


Good And Bad of Stand Alone Blog Platforms

A stand alone platform is a blog that is hosted using one’s own steam on an individual URL/ domain some blogs are hosted by movable


Drawbacks of Corporate Blogging

Blog is an abbreviation that stands for the term ‘weblog’. It refers to a website that contains entries dated according to the most recent (chronological


Ingredients Of a Successful Blog

Original Content is always the best though it is often disputed. Though one may use excerpts from other blogs ones content should look like it


Tips on Writing Good Content For Blogs

Many lists have been written about what make successful blogs. But there is always one thing that is always that is key is the content.

Blogging Marketing

Keeping Your Visitors’ Eyes Glued to Your Content

Picture, Picture, Your Mind’s Been Captured. Gotcha. Did the picture grab your attention? I bet it did. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? You wouldn’t be bored


Marketing Strategies for Bloggers

In recent times, blogging has changed rapidly. There are a number of blogging trends which are projected to continue becoming popular in 2012. These blogging