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Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is an art and a science. Just like a chef creates the perfect dish, a barista must create the perfect coffee blend to satisfy their customers. If you’re looking to up your cafe game, here are some of the best coffee blends to brew.


Sumatra Coffee

Sumatra Coffee is a type of coffee that hails from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Highly sought-after for its special flavor profile, Sumatra Coffee has an earthy and full-bodied taste that has low acidity and provides for a pleasant drinking experience. The beans have been cultivated in this region since the late 17th century, made possible by its fertile soil, high altitude environment, and access to ample rainfall throughout the year.

The traditional processing method produces robust beans with a heavy body and low caffeine content, giving it a distinct taste. Its full-bodied yet smooth flavors make it suitable for espresso blends or filter brewing methods such as pour over or French press. As the industry has become increasingly globalized, Sumatran coffees are becoming more widely available around the world. Whether purchased at a specialty store or found online, Sumatra Coffee offers something unique among other coffees on the market that any fan of quality coffee won’t want to miss out on.


Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian coffee is an exceptional gourmet beverage that offers a unique flavor experience. This exotic coffee originates from the centuries-old Ethiopian coffee rusts of South West Ethiopia, located in the Meserete Kristos Mountains. The environment creates ideal conditions for high-quality Arabica beans, which are handpicked and washed to ensure their freshness and flavor. The medium body and notes of fruit, cherry blossom, tobacco, and chocolate delighted the palates of hard-to-please connoisseurs from the very beginning and have remained perennial favorites ever since.

For an unparalleled taste sensation, Ethiopian coffee has consistent ratings among the world’s finest brewed coffees. From its bold aroma to its smooth finish, this rare blend provides an unforgettable indulgence that you simply must experience for yourself. Enjoy every sip as you savor its rich history with friends or family today!


Brazilian Coffee

Brazilian coffee is renowned for its unique flavor and texture. It is a cultivar of the Arabica bean, which is grown in a variety of different regions throughout Brazil. One prominent characteristic of Brazilian coffee is its heavy body. This can be felt on the tongue as a thick, rich texture with notes of malt and chocolate. The nutty taste of this coffee will linger on your palette long after you take your last sip. Furthermore, Brazil produces some of the highest quality coffees in the world due to their commitment to sourcing from specialty farms and estates, ensuring an exceedingly high degree of quality control every step of the way.

Brazilian coffee also tends to be low in acidity, making it easy to drink black or enjoyed with a touch of cream or sugar. Whether you prefer intense flavors or something more subtle, you can’t go wrong with Brazilian coffee; it’s a brew that delights both veteran connoisseurs and coffee novices alike. With its outstanding taste and exceptional production standards, it’s no surprise that Brazilian coffee has become so popular all over the world.


Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is one of the world’s most popular coffees, renowned for its rich, chocolate flavor and medium to light body. Most Colombian coffee beans come from estates located in the country’s famed coffee-growing region: the northern Andes Mountains of Colombia. Grown at elevations ranging from 1,200 to 3000 meters above sea level, the beans are slowly sun-dried and then milled in small batches at local farms before being shipped off for processing. The beans are then subjected to a rigorous grading process that ensures only the highest quality products make their way into international markets. During this process, harsh and over-roasted beans are culled out in order take advantage of Colombian coffee’s bold yet smooth notes that beguile discriminating pallets around the world.

With its superior taste profile, carefully managed environmental impact, and commitment to sustainable farming practices, Colombian coffee is a go-to choice for those who want to indulge in a high quality cup without sacrificing ethics or flavor. You should at least have one 2 lb bag of whole bean colombian coffee on hand in your cafe since this is a fan favorite.


Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemalan coffee is renowned for its unique and delicious flavor. Grown and harvested in the high-altitude regions of Guatemala, this particular coffee blend has a notably spicy kick that develops through a medium to full body, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking to go beyond a basic cup of joe. The growing location plays a major role in helping to create such a unique flavor profile, with the altitude allowing beans to mature slowly while drawing more natural sugars from the soil. Its deep, fragrant aroma adds another layer of appeal, making this an excellent base for espresso or even cold brew.

Even better, its production usually supports local farmers and sustainable growing conditions, meaning it’s not just an incredibly flavorsome brewed cup that you’re getting – but also one which is ethically produced. If you’re after an exotic twist on your morning java – then look no further than Guatemalan coffee.


Whether you try serving Guatemalan coffee or java from Ethiopia, these blends are sure to keep your customers satisfied and ready to come back for their daily cup. Serve all five for the ultimate coffee offerings!


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