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Demand and popularity of double glazed units like windows has increased manifold in the recent years. It is because of their extraordinary benefits as compared to the ordinary pieces. However double glazing is also no exception to certain problems like mist etc. The owners of misted double glazed units are challenged with many difficulties including mist that need to be tackled with apt solutions. Replacing the units may cost too much and burden the owners.

Following tips may be followed and avoid replacement of these units by making huge investments:

Find out exact reasons – Mist can occur due to atmospheric pressure, sunlight and other such reasons. It can accumulate in the small gaps that exist in the double glazed units. Expansion of air between the glass panes due to hot sun rays falling on them is usually responsible for this problem. The pressure that rises may decrease but could lead to mist between the glasses. Houses or other buildings facing the sun with the double glazed windows mostly fall victim to mist problem. Power bills in such buildings go up because the heat escapes and it results in more consumption of electricity. Owners of such double glazed units affected with mist are put to financial burden. Poor fitting or wrong material may also be behind this problem. One should try to find out the exact causes and remove them.

Apt Solutions To Prevent Mist In Double Glazed Units

Note – Mist can be managed with the following solutions:

· Install valves – Put suitable valves on the exterior of the window panes. It helps them to breathe in easy manners. Moisture can be expelled from the windows with the help of these valves that are useful in venting the water. Remember to get rid of the accumulated mist before installing such valves. Misted double glazed units can be freed from the problem with this unique method.

· Use silicone gel – Putting a silicone gel in the space bar between the glass panes is also one of the apt solutions. It helps to prevent water from getting converted into mist. But the effect of the silicone gel may go down after some time. Professional guys may be hired to deal with such situations that are beyond the control of an ordinary person. He or she may not be able to check this problem as the moisture may evaporate and lead to fog. Inclement weathers are also responsible for this problem. Shabby spots may harm the windows and hard cleaning is not advised for such disorders. As such repair work may be got done by the experts that are the masters of their trade.

· Replacement – If nothing works out with the problem of mist, the misted double glazed units may be replaced. This is a costly affair but nothing can be done. Those facing this problem have to bear the financial burden for replacement of the units including windows that are affected with mist.

Those challenged with mist in respect of their double glazed units may follow the above steps and say NO to it. You can also take help from the companies that can provide you the repairing services of misted double glazed paper.


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