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A good remodel is all about the little details and making the changes that work for you and your specific needs. Even if you’ve already started looking at counters, cupboards, and appliances for your new kitchen, there are still small ways you can enhance the space. Try these tips to get a luxury kitchen for a surprisingly low budget.

Add a Multi-Functional Island

Not all kitchen layouts can accommodate a large island. However, if your kitchen has the space available, consider making a multi-functional island the kitchen’s focal point. A large island, which can open up and look out onto your living or dining room, will be a beautiful addition for your dream kitchen. 

It can also serve many purposes. Enjoy prepping food on your island or washing dishes while your family relaxes in the living room. If you entertain frequently, use the island as a buffet to serve up appetizers and other dishes. The island may also accommodate your dishwasher and have cabinets, drawers, and shelving for extra storage and display purposes.

Use Overhead Lighting to Counters and Islands

Good lighting is vital for many kitchen tasks. With so many hot surfaces and sharp objects, you need to be able to clearly see what you’re doing at all times. To help with that, you can install task lights above counters, islands, stoves, and other spaces for direct illumination. You’ll really appreciate the extra lighting when you’re cooking a big or complex meal.

You can choose both hanging and wall-mounted light fixtures, depending on the area. Select fixtures that are easy to clean, as any kitchen item will eventually develop grease that will need to be removed.

Tint Your Kitchen Windows

As beautiful as natural light is, the glare of the morning sun can make it hard to prepare and enjoy that cup of coffee, and the setting sun may make it too bright to entertain guests or relax with your family for dinner. Window tinting is a great way to get a nice ambient environment in your kitchen. Choose a tint shade that compliments your interior paint job.

Window tint will also help protect the finish on your counters, walls, and floor. Ultraviolet light tends to fade paint and wood over time. If you have invested in expensive materials, use window tint to keep them in good condition.

Design Custom Cupboards

Storage is one of the things most homeowners wish they had more of. When you’re designing your kitchen, keep your storage needs in mind, and tailor your plan to the interests or tasks you and your family spend a lot of time on. For example, if you enjoy baking, make sure your cabinets and drawers will accommodate all of your bakeware, which includes large cookie sheets, cake pans, rolling pins, and cooling racks. If you entertain a lot, make sure your cabinets and drawers are large enough to store large platters, wine glasses, and serving trays. Make sure that the cupboards are arranged so that you can easily take down and put away your nice dishes without risking breaking them. If you enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients, consider drawers with baskets specifically designed for fruits and vegetables. A built-in spice rack and shelves to display and store your favorite cookbook are both nice additions.

Choose a Hanging Pot Rack

Pots and pans don’t stack well in cupboards. In fact, stacking two of these dishes might dent them or destroy the non-stick coating. To solve this problem, find a -hanging pot rack to install in your kitchen.

Select a large, open space on your wall or above your island that is near your stove. Find a rack that is made of the same metal as your other fixtures so that it blends well with the rest of your design. Make sure the rack you choose has enough hooks for all of your pots, pans, ladles, and accessories. Everything you need will be conveniently displayed and easily reached.

Remove Cupboard Doors

Swinging cupboard doors are the most common cause of bumped heads in small kitchens. Achieve a modern appearance and a safer cooking experience by choosing cupboards and shelves without any doors at all.

When you use an open shelving option, remember that your cupboard interiors are visible. Use this chance to paint the cupboards and add colorful liners. Paint the outside of the cupboards in a neutral color for a fun but updated look.

Include a Backsplash

A backsplash is used to protect walls from water, soap, grease, tomato sauce, and any other mess that your kitchen might produce. Backsplashes are placed behind stoves, sinks, and prep counters.

You can make backsplashes out of any water-resistant materials. Try tile, metal, glass, stone, or even finished wood. This is a great place for creativity; your backsplash design can be completely unique.

Pick High-End Appliances

Another feature you may want to invest in when creating your dream kitchen is having high-end appliances. Energy efficiency is key, and you want to look at appliances that will suit your needs.

Double ovens can be great to have even if you do not consider yourself a foodie or chef. You will use the double ovens when entertaining, especially around the holidays when you are preparing and baking several different entrees, appetizers, and desserts at the same time. A large refrigerator is also important if you have a large family. You will enjoy the space for storing drinks and snacks for you and your family.

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, think about utility, organization, and appearance. Consider your most common kitchen difficulties, and choose solutions that solve those problems while looking amazing.


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