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Studying is like a juggling act once you leave high school. You’ve got things like your education and social life to deal with, but you have to take care of your finances too. It might be the first time ever you’ve been in complete control of everything and it’s certainly not easy.

It’s even harder if you’re on a tight budget. The way you handle your finances could determine how much you enjoy life. One thing you’ll have to become an expert in quickly is the art of saving money. Let’s focus on a few tricks today that you’ll find very beneficial in the next few years.

6 Quick Tricks For Students Desperate To Save Money

Don’t Jump On Every Discount

One of the great things about being a student is the discounts you get. Businesses are desperate for your money, so they’ll throw out good deals. The only time you should take advantage of them is when you were going to spend money anyway. If you can follow this rule there will only be upsides ahead. Don’t fall into the trap of spending money you wouldn’t have just because someone waves a price reduction in your face. It’s a psychological tactic businesses love to use.

Treat Yourself To A Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is one of the best investments a student can make if they want to eat cheap food. You can cook rice, pasta, oatmeal, potatoes, and lots of other hearty food that will fill you up. All of these things can be bought in bulk too. Rice cookers with a steamer attachment can even be used to prepare vegetables. They also provide you with something you’ll cherish as a student. You’ll save lots of time because you’ll only need to wash one thing instead of multiple pots and pans.

Stick To Monochrome Printers

It’s not the price of the printer that will hurt you. You’ll have to continually fill it up with ink, so unless you really need to print in colour you should stick to monochrome printers when you’re trying to find the perfect one. You’ll need to print out lots of text when you’re studying hard because you’ll be able to make notes all over it, but in an ideal world the only colour will come from your highlighters. Over the course of your studies the money you save on cartridges will add up.

Forget About The Latest Fashion

When you’re young you always want the best clothes. It’s like the labels you wear can affect your self-esteem in a big way. You should forget about it when you’re studying even though it might be hard, because you’ll realise nobody really cares what you wear anyway. Wait until you’re working at your law firm before you start wearing Armani. If you try to keep up with fashion when you’re studying it will wipe out a huge chunk of your money, so stick to shopping in stores the average person heads to.

Put Money Aside For Utilities

If you’re renting on your own or with other students you’ll need to pay rent every month. Don’t forget you will have to pay for things like gas and electricity too. It’s hard because you’ll know how much you need to pay each month towards the rent, but all your other bills can easily surprise you. Don’t get into the habit of falling behind and ending up with extra charges trying to keep on top of everything. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by putting aside a little money each month.

Use What Your University Offers

There are things you’ll be able to use at university instead of paying higher prices in the outside world. The gym is a perfect example to use because memberships are heavily subsidised. Don’t buy brand new textbooks when you’ll be able to buy secondhand ones somewhere on campus. There are other things you’ll be offered, so keep your eyes peeled all the time. It’s pointless spending extra money when it could go towards something more important, which doesn’t include buckets of alcohol.

You’ll Find A Way To Survive

You can always go looking for a job if you’re desperate. If you already have a job you can ask for more hours. But you’re at university to study hard and have a little fun, so it’s better if you can save money instead. Nobody is saying you should be the most stingy person in the world, but if you use a little common sense when it comes to saving money it can go a long way. It will also set you on the right track for when you hit the real world.



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