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Everybody has embraced technology. The application of technology in daily lives has made life simple. Technology is everywhere you go. To a good extent, and it is now possible to use technology in cars in order to make driving safer and faster. Modern technology changes. Though not found in every car, modern technology keeps the tradition of making life simple. Below are six new technologies that simplify life:

Piloted Parking

· It is sometimes difficult to park your car during holidays. With technology, it is not a headache anymore. You have a designated parking space for you. Use your Smartphone to select a place that is opened. The car will use cameras to locate the space itself.

· After you are through with your shopping, again use your phone to ask the car to pick you at the drop point.

Airless Tires

· Due to negligence to inspect tires before driving, many people are driving their cars sometimes with tires at very low pressure. This poses a great damage to the car as well as a potential cause of accident, hence the owner incurs a lot of expenses to restore its condition.

· An attempt by Bridgestone and other tire producers to counter the problem has helped a lot. The tire is filled with resin which is strong enough to support the car’s weight.

Easy-Fill Tire Alert system

· It is a system that has simplified life in many cars. An alternative taken when there’s no air gas or pressure at gas stations. You need to connect a hose pipe to the car tires and the air will begin to flow. A flash light will indicate the start of the process, while a horn will tell when the pressure has reached the maximum point.

Smart Headlights

· During the night or the rainy seasons, the roads become poor and therefore it becomes very difficult to drive. However, researchers have innovated a headlight system which can decrease the number of raindrops in your sight. With this system, you are able to drive even at night or on a rainy day stress-free.

Hydrophobic Windows

· It is a system of well treated windows with the ability to prevent water and condensation from entering the vehicle. This system can really be of great use especially on snowy or rainy days.

· The system improves driver’s visibility during this weather season. After washing the car, it dries faster due to the hydrophobic windows.

In- Car-Wi-Fi-hotspots

· This is a great technology that will enable you to use a Smartphone, tablet or a laptop while driving. The system provides a modem for various hotspots.

The technology in your car will continue changing with time. Innovators come up with new ideas every time. Drivers are therefore advised to keep in touch with the new upcoming technologies in order to make things easy. For every driver to be able to apply the named technologies in a car, a dsa practical test is mandatory. It is made to determine if you can drive safely on varying traffic conditions. It is also used to see if one can apply the codes and ethics of the highway well. It is sometimes cheap to use the new technology provided for you. It also saves time.