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Many businesses want to become more eco-friendly and have less of an impact on the environment. Business owners like you see the harmful effect that chemicals and bad waste management have had on the planet, and they want to change that. The problem is not the desire to change. The problem is the cost involved in making those changes. The question then becomes if there is a way to make the transition to a greener company but still keep costs low and even end up saving money in the long run. The answer is yes! Below are five tips and practical suggestions to help make your business greener and end up even saving money.

The first way that your business can become greener and save money is by switching to post-consumer waste for your business. Post-consumer waste, or PCW for short, is essentially any item that people no longer use. This can range from a car to a newspaper. If these items get recycled, they become usable again. Switching your company to PCW can help encourage recycling and keeps waste out of landfills. Some major companies have already taken advantage of this (click here for the article on this).

The second way that your business can get greener is by updating any appliances you have that are outdated. Outdated appliances often use much more energy than their newer, more efficient counterparts. By switching to updated appliances, you will not only be using less electricity, which is good for the environment, but you will also be spending less money on electricity. Switching out your appliances is fairly easy to do. One of the simplest ways you can do this is by changing out your company’s old light bulbs to newer, more energy efficient ones. This can be the first small step on the road to energy efficiency.

The third way you can make your business more eco-friendly is by making sure that your business recycles everything it can, and that it does so properly. Much of what is thrown out as a regular trash can actually be recycled. This saves on landfill space and repurposes items. Not only is recycling eco-friendly, but it can be friendly to your business’ profits as well. Your company may be eligible to receive certain incentives for recycling (click here to see more on incentives). Check with your local, state and federal authorities to see if there are any exemptions your business can qualify for by recycling.

There are many creative ways of recycling as well. For example, simply refilling your printer cartridges with ink, rather than throwing them in the trash when done, is a great way to save money and keep the environment healthier (click here for more information and ideas on what to do with printer cartridges).

A fourth way to help save your business money and go green is by powering your facility with alternative energy sources. One such alternative source is solar energy. By investing in solar panels, you can potentially power your entire business by harnessing the energy of the sun. At the very least, solar panels can be a good supplement to your existing energy source. There are some affordable options that can be found online.

The fifth way to save money and become more environmentally conscious is by having an energy audit conducted on your business. The word “audit” has a negative connotation associated with it, but an energy audit can actually help your company save money. An energy audit can show how much energy your building needs and how efficient your facility is with energy. This can help pinpoint appliances that need to be replaced, making you greener, both in your wallet and environmentally.

In the end, even simple changes can make big difference, like making sure appliances are turned off and doors are closed in the winter. These small changes add up to big savings, both in your company’s money and the effect it has on the ecosystem. Hopefully, your business can implement some of the suggestions mentioned here and start saving both money and the environment.Money.