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The chimney plays a crucial role as it directs fumes, heat other harmful gases safely out of your house. But, most homeowners sometimes forget that the chimney should be inspected and needs regular maintenance. A damaged or broken chimney can cause a severe fire hazard and that’s why it should be repaired immediately. This is why scheduling a regular inspection and maintenance for your chimney is so crucial.  

If the chimney of your home has become damaged to the extent that it cannot even do its job, then you are putting yours and the life of your family members in danger of a carbon monoxide leak and a house fire. The best way to prevent chimney fire is to call one of the professional Birck Chimney Repair contractors when urgent repairs are needed.

The following are five warning signs that your chimney needs to be repaired and need professional Brick Chimney Repair help.


A leaky chimney is a big warning sign when it comes the safety of your home. If you see excessive moisture or dripping water around your chimney, it’s a clear indication that your chimney is damaged. Does the chimney in your home leak? It’s the right time for repairs!


Spalling usually occurs when damaged bricks stats to crack or fall away from the structure of your chimney.  Bricks also become compromised when they are saturated with water leakage. Have you noticed any peeling, flaking or crumbling of bricks on the chimney?  If this is the case then it’s a red flag of damage and you need to invest in chimney repair services today.


A stinky chimney can create a bad odor in your home, and it also indicates a several other chimneys issues. However, there are various causes of unpleasant chimney odor. Some of these causes include animal entry, excessive creosote buildup, the presence of water in a flue. Sometimes, the odor of chimney gets worse especially during humid and hot summer months. A chimney repairs professional will look for the main cause of the odor and recommend how can it be repaired.


Better known as white staining or white buildup, efflorescence especially occurs on the older structures such as chimneys or fireplaces. While you can easily remove the efflorescence, doing only this will not solve the other issues that cause it to occur. Is your chimney looking a little dusty or whitish? Time for repairs!


Rust should not accumulate on the damper or firebox, but if that is the case, there is a serious moisture issue as well in your chimney. If you notice signs of rusting this means that other parts of the chimney could also be seriously damaged. On getting the first noticeable sign of rust, be sure to get the repair done by a professional.

Sometimes, the warning signs of a chimney damage can go unnoticed. But if you don’t want this to happen to you. Keep in mind the above-mentioned signs that your chimney needs urgent repair.