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Easter dinner with the family can be a fun event, but it can also get stressful and chaotic if you’re not careful! Make sure to have a plan in place to create the most enjoyable Easter dinner. If you’re worried about things going wrong or making a mess of the event, then keep in mind that no get-together with family and friends is perfect. That being said, perfection may mean something different to you than it does to your guests. Things like meeting the dietary needs of each attendant and having a clean home that smells amazing is a good places to start. Keep in mind the reason you want to bring everyone together. Is it to showcase your amazing cooking? Is it to provide a safe place for everyone to share more about themselves and what is going on in their lives? Whatever the reason is for the get-together, keep that in mind throughout the planning process. To help you make your even as close to perfect as possible, here are a few tips to help you host the perfect dinner this Easter:

Plan the Meal

Choosing a menu and setting up your grocery list will save you time, energy, and money when hosting an Easter dinner. To begin, decide what you’d like to serve and shop around for affordable options. As you plan the meal, remember that having at least one non-meat option for guests who don’t eat animal products is important for a more inclusive dinner. If you have guests with allergies or intolerance such as gluten intolerance, try to make a few dishes that will cater to that. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t have to make every dish cater to one person’s needs. If you have a bunch of people who love rolls, then make a bunch of your well-talked-about rolls. They don’t all have to be gluten-free. 

A week or two before the event, consider reaching out to each of the guests to learn about their dietary restrictions and needs. You may even consider asking what food they look forward to the most when it comes to Easter dinner. Though this can be very thoughtful, it can also be risky. By asking your guests what they like, they may be expecting that from the dinner. If you have a group of people who all want something different, making a different meal for each guest would by a lot of time and work. A better way to go about learning this information is perhaps to put meals to a vote. For example, you can ask your guests to vote on the main protein such as steak, ham, or turkey. Then, whatever protein gets the most votes is what will be made.

Looking for a popular vegan dish? Pasta primavera with plenty of seasonal vegetables in pesto sauce, such as bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, and onion is a delicious must for any Easter dinner.

Organize the Kitchen

The best way to prepare a holiday meal is with a fully-stocked and well-organized kitchen. Make sure all ingredients and cooking equipment are clean and that you have plenty of time in advance. Knowing exactly what you need, where it’s kept, and how long each recipe will take will make things run more smoothly. This is especially important when it comes to preparing food for your family and friends. If possible, try shopping for your ingredients a few days in advance so they can be refrigerated or frozen until needed.

Decorate the House

Easter and spring are great reasons to make your home festive. Have a hard time thinking of how to create the right ambiance? Bring out spring flowers, decorate your living room with pastel pillows, and be sure to use table decorations that are in season. Likewise, sprinkling in some Easter decorations like bunnies and eggs is another way to ring in the holiday. Even switching out the pictures that you typically have on your living room wall for those that fit the event can be a great way to make it feel festive. If you have already decorated your home by the season then it is likely that you already have the perfect decorations and don’t need to change anything. If your home typically looks the same throughout the year, consider switching a few things up for the evening. It can be expensive to do this, however, so only take this step if it fits within your budget. 

Add More Furniture

If you’re planning a large Easter dinner, make sure your house is prepared for it. Depending on the number of people you invite, you may need to bring in additional furniture. Consider shopping selections from dining room furniture ​​to find the best living room additions for Easter Sunday. In addition to having enough seats, you may need a bigger table or a space to serve the food.

Make Dessert

Dessert is a great finishing touch to any Easter dinner. Whether you stick with a traditional dessert like cake or pie or want to try more adventurous options, Easter is a welcome time to have a variety of treats to try. As you plan the perfect dessert, don’t forget to hide chocolate Easter eggs as well.

With Easter quickly approaching, it’s time to get excited about hosting dinner. Use these tips to make sure you and your family have a truly enjoyable evening.


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