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As a retail store owner or manager, you may be aware of the importance of providing your customers with a safe shopping experience. Even a minor slip and fall accident, for example, could result in considerable liability expense, negative publicity and other undesirable consequences. By thinking ahead to identify problem areas and by making changes as needed, you can reduce the likelihood of having to face these consequences.

5 Safety Issues For Retailers To Address For A Safe Customer Experience

Wet and Slippery Floors

Floors in a retail store may be wet and slippery for several different reasons, and this can increase the likelihood that your customers may slip and fall. For example, the floor may be wet from a drink spill, a leaking roof, a plumbing issue or recent mopping. Slip and fall accidents can result in broken bones or even spine and brain injuries or worse. Employees can monitor floors and can take steps to clean the water. Signs can be used to warn customers of dangerous floor conditions.

Uneven Flooring

If your venue has uneven floors, steps or other areas that may cause tripping or other similar events, you should take action. You can make these areas noticeable by marking steps or changes in floor elevation. You can use barricades to cordon off damaged floor areas. You can also make repairs as soon as possible to decrease your liability risk.

Boxes and Other Objects Sitting Out

In a retail store setting, your employees may need to unpack boxes, and they may use rolling carts or other items. Ideally, this type of work will be done when traffic in your store is slow. The items that are in use should be clearly visible. For example, it is not wise to leave a box hidden behind a sharp corner that a customer may quickly pass around.

Exposed Wires

Electrical stores have wiring in the lights, for the cash registers, for display areas and more. Exposed wiring can be a danger, and it can be even more dangerous when the wiring is frayed or otherwise damaged in some way. Monitor all electrical wiring periodically to look for signs of damage. In addition, cover exposed wiring so that it is not accessible to your customers.

Air Quality

Air quality is also a concern in any indoor environment. Your customers may take their time browsing through your store, and ideally, you do not want them to rush through because they notice signs of respiratory distress when they are shopping. Change air filters regularly, and look for signs of mold or mildew growth periodically.

Safety is a concern for all business owners, but retail stores may be more prone to safety issues because of the large amount of foot traffic that passes through the space. Whenever a business owner is faced with a personal injury lawsuit from the result of something happening in their store, be sure to have legal experts, like the Ladah Law Firm in Las Vegas, ready by your side. By focusing on these tips, you can make your space safer and may reduce your risk for liability issues.