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Buying or renting a real estate is considered to be a dream come true. In reality, the entire process of hunting down that ideal property and sorting out all the legal matters before finally finding the place to move is more complicated, exhausting and frustrating than it should ever be – not only for buyers and renters, but for the sellers and landlords, as well. Let us see how the intermediation of a professional agent can help to make this situation go smoothly.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Manage Your Property Without The Agent’s Intermediation

Agents Can Streamline the Search Process

Today’s technology has made it possible to find almost any information we need in a matter of seconds, but that does not make any of us any more efficient in searching through various properties than some of the professional agents. Why? Well, in order to find that important piece of information, or in this case a real estate, you would first have to know what exactly you should look for, where you should look for it, and know how to filter the search results. All these things make agents more suitable for this important task than you.

Legal Matters are a Very Complicated Maze

Did you know that, as of the October 2014 a Section 32 addition (commonly known as the “Vendor’s Statement”) is no longer obligatorily included in the Contract of Sale of Real Estate. If you did not, there is no need to feel frustrated. This and countless other regulations, disclosures, forms, and reports regarding buying/selling, or renting a real estate change very often. Fortunately, real estate agents and conveyancers, whose job is to keep track of these developments, are there to help you to navigate this complicated legal maze.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Manage Your Property Without The Agent’s Intermediation

Agents Are Very Well-Connected

There comes a point in every home searching process when you need to obtain a document, or require some urgent service. Even if they are not always able to provide them by themselves, realtors, conveyancers, and other mediators are well-connected to the people who can help solve these issues. This list includes interior designers, home stagers, brokers, attorneys, and home inspectors. Good mediators will connect their clients with the right people, and make sure their problems are addressed.

Agents are Paying Attention to Details

Taking into consideration what we said so far, it should be obvious that real estate transactions feature a lot of hidden details that can easily escape the unsuspecting eye. Add the fact that property management is a process involving several parties, all of which have their distinct demands and issues. This type of situations often have the potential to slip into chaos. Intermediating agents are the trust-worthy mechanics who know the place of each cog in this complicated machinery, and how to make them work together.

Agents are Very Skilled Negotiators

Last but not the least, it should be mentioned that agents are very skilled, and experienced negotiators who can get better deal than you would be ever able to. Additionally, agents are a very good way to remove the “personal” out of the equation, and conduct negotiation with other involved parties in professional and efficient manner. Considering the fact that today’s real estate market is very competitive (we keep seeing more and more bidding wars, and various “cutthroat” tactics), negotiations tend to become more heated than they are supposed to, the benefits of hiring a mediator are not to be neglected.

We all know that everything is easier when we have help. The question remains how much we are willing to pay to gain that help. We hope that, by now, you have realized that the fee we used to pay to intermediating agents is more than justified by the treats they are bringing on the table.



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