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The vibrant colour, the soothing fragrance, the mesmerizing beauty, the vigour inculcating freshness and various unimaginable and inexplicable qualities are packed up so immaculately into one such thing that infuses divinity in the minds of the admirer, and can make an atheist an evangelist! Flowers are indeed among the most beautiful of all creations of God.

For centuries, we’ve used them to express our emotions that themselves transcend the unmalleable confinement and inadequacy of ‘laguage-words’. The flowers have become the elixir for the desire of expression of such emotions.


Whether you’re greeting someone special or making an occasion lively, or just having them around your house for decoration, they play a cynosural role everywhere.

As the days start to contract and the nights broaden their horizon, we know it’s a lamentable farewell of the summer. As the autumn arrives, we see some plants and flowers begin to die. But there are some that bravely take on the cold and bear it effortlessly – the Autumn Flowers.

The flowers that don’t belong to autumn might be available at the Florist’s at a higher price but even after spending more, since they don’t belong to the season, they may die out in just a couple of hours of purchasing them. Many of us might not be aware of this phenomenon. There are plenty of autumn and winter bulbs to choose from, following is a list just to name a few:

Dahlias : Though these perennials are native to Mexico, they bloom well in England too. They come in wide range of sizes, from 5cm to 30 cm. These tuberous plants start to open up in September but reach their peak near September only. They also come in vibrant colors and the hot-coloured borders of the Dahlias just add to its exotic image.

Crocus : These are beautiful cup-shaped solitary flowers generally come in blue and white colors. They’re also called ‘the jewels of the autumn’ because of the exquisite looks. But, just as a jewel, they need to be protected. Wet weather and rains can spoil their brilliant looks; hence they need to be planted beneath trees or under shades for their safeguard.

Sternbergia : These are the autumn/winter daffodils. These yellow bulbs bloom really well in a place they can bake the winter sun and won’t let you forget the sweet summer memories. They can also take the tough conditions easily, whether it’s a poor soil or sharp drainage or cold sprinkled water they pose no trouble for them.

Nerine : These flowers have perfectly adapted themselves with the cold. Having long strap-like foliage and petals, they remain intact and hardy even during a harsh winter. They come in pink, red and white colors and always grow in clusters which make them look like a perfect bouquet in themselves.

Begonia : These ones are my favourites. These yellow and pink blossoms can add glamour to a shady place. Their perfectly elegant colors – pink, yellow and white, are well suited for any occasion or even as a present.

Autumn and winter is the time for celebrations, we need autumn flowers for Thanksgivings, fall weddings and many other ceremonies and occasions. Gone are the days when we used to go from one florist to another just to get a decent bouquet and take the effort to send them all by ourself. Back then, keeping them intact and afresh used to be a heck of a task. Nowadays, sending/buying flowers has become very easy and reliable, with many big companies seeing this as an opportunity it this is going to get easier in the times to come.


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