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When you’re shopping for a new bed, the two main choices for bed frames tend to be either wood or metal. While a wooden bed frame can give the bedroom a warmer feel than metal, metal frames are attractively designed and more durable. There are many different types of metal bed frames available, including those listed below.

Aluminium Bedframes

There are several advantages to using aluminium to make bedframes. Most aluminium frames are hollow inside, making them extremely light and easy to move. It is also a very malleable metal, so it can be formed into almost any shape the manufacturer desires, such as tubes, sheets, or even blocks.

3 Common Types Of Metal Bedframes

This metal can also be used to form more complex shapes to give bedframes a more decorative look. Aluminium can be formed into ornate flowers, birds, and other designs to create beautiful frames. Aluminium is used to create every type of bed frame, from cribs to king-sized frames, and since it is an inexpensive metal, aluminium bed frames are among some of the least expensive beds you’ll find.

Iron Bedframes

Iron has been used to make bedframes for over a century and a half; antique iron beds are in high demand, especially for anyone seeking the perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and durability. Even new iron beds are treasured items because they are usually beautifully designed and ornately decorated, but they can be quite expensive. However, some elementary iron bed frames can be very affordable, especially if you take the time to shop carefully.

Iron is a dense metal, so the frames are very heavy and durable. An iron metal bed can last for several generations, though they are prone to rust if there is moisture in the air in your home. However, many new iron bed frames are powder coated in a variety of colours to prevent rust, which helps maintain their beauty.

Brass Bedframes

Brass is another popular metal used to make bed frames. Like iron beds, antique brass beds are also highly valued by collectors or homeowners who want to put them in their homes. Brass is a heavy, durable metal, so brass beds can last for generations.

Brass bed frames are heavier than aluminium, but not as heavy as iron; so one person should be able to move a brass bed when necessary. Brass frames can be ornately decorated, like iron or aluminium frames, or they can be plainly designed. They have existed since the Victorian era and many people have received brass bed frames that have been passed down for several generations in their families.

Telling a Bed’s Age

If you’re in the market for an antique brass or iron bed frame, you need to carefully examine it to make sure it isn’t a reproduction. Look at how it is made, try to judge the weight by trying to pick up a part of it, and look for a trademark stamped into the metal.

If the frame is lightweight, it’s probably an aluminium reproduction. If the bed frame comes with attachment brackets, or if it’s shipped in separate pieces, it is most likely a faux duplication of an antique bed.

Whether you’re buying a new one or an antique metal bed frame, they will look great in any bedroom of your home.


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